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Central Procurement Unit

The Government of Grenada has introduced a system of procuring its goods, works and services, and disposing of its assets, with the passing of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act in 2014, and Regulations in 2015.

The Act provides for the procurement of goods, works, and services by all public entities including Ministries and Departments, Statutory Bodies, Boards and Commissions.

The Act establishes the relevant institutions for the proper governance of the procurement system and prescribes the procedures for its efficient operation. The Public Procurement Board, the Review Commission, and the Central Procurement Unit, are the main institutional bodies in the system.

Mission Statement

A commitment to providing effective and quality expert procurement services while promoting the principles of good governance through accountability, transparency, integrity, fairness and value for money in public procurement.


  • Maximize economy and efficiency
  • Promote open competition among suppliers, and provide for their fair, equal and equitable treatment.
  • Increase public confidence in the procurement system
  • Facilitate the promotion of local industry and economic development


To have a transparent and efficient Government procurement system that creates integration among all procuring entities, promoting fair and open competition among suppliers, while maintaining public trust.

Our Services

The Public Procurement Board is responsible for the overall functioning of the procurement system including conducting the following the prescribed thresholds:

Promote the application of fair, competitive transparent, value for money standards and practices for the procurement and disposal of public assets and services.

Approve the evaluation committee and issuing Certificate of No Objections.

Approve the use of procurement methods other than open competitive tendering.

Issue directions to procuring entities to ensure compliance with the Act and Regulations.

Manage public procurement and disposal of public property in accordance with the Act.

Initiate public procurement policy and propose amendments to the Act.

Take steps to minimize negative economic impact.


The Review Commission is responsible for resolving disputes arising from suppliers who claim to have suffered or risk suffering loss or damage due to the breach of a duty imposed on a procuring entity by this Act and the Regulations.

The Central Procurement Unit is responsible for conducting procurement on behalf of government departments that has not been authorized as procuring entities and organize the purchase of common use items either under individual contract or framework contract arrangements on behalf of selected or all procuring entities.

Stipulated in the Procurement Regulations are the procedures and limits for conducting procurement such as tendering, challenging debarment, and disposal of assets.

The Government of Grenada is committed to applying the provisions of the new procurement legislation in a fair and transparent manner that would result in increased economic benefits to all citizens. At the same time, government expects all stakeholders to comply with the provisions of the Procurement Act to the fullest extent.

Our Dedicated and hard working staff

Terrence Victor

Chief Procurement Officer (Acting)

Jenny Alexander - lalgie

Senior Procurement Officer

Arvon Lucas

Senior Procurement officer

Ameda Harris

Procurement Officer

Axel Joseph

Procurement Officer