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Grenada and India set to kick-off round of Cooperation

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, MAY 16, 2018, GIS: - Grenada and India are set to kick off a fresh round of cooperation on a wide range of issues.

Health and Agriculture are being given top priority as reflected in discussions between Grenada’s Health Minister Hon. Nickolas Steele and Her Excellency Mrs. Anupriya Singh Patel, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

The Indian health minister and his Grenadian counterpart are due to look at ways St.George’s can adopt best practices in India’s Health sector. The Keith Mitchell Administration has informed India that it is bent on improving the management of the country’s health care system.

Her Excellency Patel informed the meeting that her country will send a number of experts to Grenada to discuss the areas of cooperation which would also include IT, Biotechnology, Food Technology and Medicine.

The group of experts to visit Grenada from India will include a number of I.T. experts.

Grenada is also looking to India to help it transform its agriculture sector.

Minister Steele’s delegation which includes Permanent Secretary Pauline Peters stressed that Grenada was not asking for money, but more so for the expertise from India.

Ten Grenadians will soon travel to India for training in Agriculture.

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